Duck Club For Sale Near Mendota / Los Banos, California

A Gem in the Rough

  • 2500 acres
  • 15 private ponds, 40-200 acres each
  • Recreational park...hunting, fishing, rifle range, clay course, four wheeler/motor cycles, camping, varmint hunting, bird watching
  • No farmland
  • All hunt-able
  • 2 new 1000ft deep wells
  • 3800 sq ft club house new this summer
  • At least 1/4 mile between blinds or 1 blind per pond
  • Another 2600 of pheasant, chukar and quail hunting
  • Buy in at $150,000 to $1,000,000 or one group/person buy all
  • Videos available upon request

Pictures of the Habitat


Contact owner Keith Bennett at 559-284-9935.

Waterfowl and uplands paradise with approximately fifty-one hundred acres. A contiguous piece of land in a full, rectangular shape that is roughly 2 miles by 4.5 miles or to put another way, if you walk around the circumference you're attempting a 14 mile walk!

Privately owned and under Federal Wetlands Protection with assistance from national waterfowl and conservation NGO's this wetlands property is now being polished into a gem. An ecology-sensitive, carbon-sequestering, groundwater re-charging acreage unlike anywhere else in the Western states. Teaming now, with wildlife and waterfowl because it's a big, BIG refuge for them with miniscule human intervention and that makes this property an exclusive, luxury site-in-the-making for a few privileged, avid hunters/outdoor lovers.

That's what this privately-owned wildlife/waterfowl refuge is. An oasis smack dab in the middle of Central California's west-side valley of industrial agriculture. Easy 3 hour access from either the northern bay area or southern California, and as important as Central Park is to NYC (but 6 times bigger than) this vital wetlands is proving its value not only to hunters and outdoor enthusiast, but its neighboring farmers as well, for its re-charging/purifying effects on groundwater; the water issue of the next several decades.

Recent history saw this property in several, split-up ownerships, a semi failure in agricultural operations because the soil was and still is more perfect for wetlands, dense and moisture-holding. Now under single ownership, this astonishing property is bisected by a historic riparian watercourse and has recently been enhanced by the creation of 50 plus small ponds, and ~O sheet water ponds ranging from 30 to 200 acres, 125 miles of levees, and contiguous waterways to take advantage of flood releases from the area's water/canal districts. Its old and new wells, with the help of national waterfowl NGOs, will assure access to water in drought seasons.

Infrastructure improvements to the property over the years have been highly beneficial to the properties development. Nine existing 600 foot wells, with grant proposals to drill 2 additional wells. 25 miles of ditches to move water across the ranch. 150 head gates and screw culverts. 125 miles of levees and roads. 5 miles of under ground pvc pipe to move water.

Since its management by the owner of Ace High Adventures, an upland game and waterfowl, hunting operation as well as coyote, rabbit and squirrel and now wholly under his personal ownership, this hunting paradise is being restored to a state beyond its former glory as a vital component of the Pacific flyway. The wet blessings of the winter of 2010/2011 allowed the native tulles to thrive, while the millions of seeds planted by management for waterfowl feed and habitat took root.

The result? Thousands and thousands of baby ducks and various water bird species now have this private wetlands property imprinted in their brains as their birthplace and home as it was for a few generations ago. Together with management's stocking of pheasant and valley quail, this property now offers a not-found-elsewhere; exclusive, bigger than the Best hunting experience for a select few.

Management is seeking those few who want to be included now in the restoration/enhancement of this gem in the rough, who want ground-floor involvement, who want to say "I was there", and want to witness first-hand the fast-track transformation this unique property will undergo with support from its select few.